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 A selection of Lynne's commissions

Cute Cousins commissioned painting

Cute Cousins

These little beauties are all cousins and this painting of them was commissioned as a Christmas gift for their grandad. My brief was to paint all seven granddaughters sitting on a tree trunk as in the photo of five of them on the right. I love the challenge of using different photos to build a painting, I altered poses a little and changed the clothing of the two girls on the left to make them look more summery and a natural part of the scene. 20″x16″ acrylic on canvas.

The Playhouse commissioned painting

The Playhouse

This was commissioned by my client as a gift for her mum’s birthday. Sadly my client lost her dad some years ago and she wanted a painting done featuring him, her mum, their dog and her three children when they were young. My client wanted the setting to be her parents garden where the children spent many happy times playing, the blue and yellow play house in the corner was much loved by all three. 16″ x 16″ acrylic on canvas.

Matilda's Flowers commissioned pet and fairy painting

Matilda's Flowers

This painting was a wedding gift from the mother of the bride to her daughter. My brief was to do a fairy painting including the bride’s cat, Matilda with her favourite flowers, sweetpeas. I centred the scene around Matilda meeting a fairy amongst the sweetpeas. Cats have such a bad reputation where fairies are concerned, with many believing they would catch and hurt a fairy if they could. I’m not so sure. Fairies are mesmerising, hypnotic and clever. Even our feline friends would surely be under their spell. The colours of the sweetpeas were inspired by the sweetpeas in the bride’s beautiful wedding bouquet and I hope the painting will serve as a lovely reminder of a special day. 12″x12″ acrylic on canvas

Boy on the rock commissioned painting

Boy On The Rock

My client commissioned this piece as a Birthday and Christmas present from all of the family for her father in law. It depicts him with all of his grandchildren on Pagham beach in West Sussex. He loves Pagham but will sadly have to leave as he suffers with MS and will need more care in the near future. To make life easier for him he uses a tricycle for excursions to the beach and it was important for my client that the tricycle was included in the painting. He loves watching the yachts and proudly likes to tell his grandchildren all about the part Pagham played in the war. The granite memorial stone in the foreground is a landmark on the beach to commemorate that part of its history.
16″x12″ acrylic on canvas set into a white floating frame.

Mudeford Quay commissioned painting

Mudeford Quay

This painting was for a lovely lady who won a commission of mine at a charity auction. The prize was for a 24″x24″ canvas but the winner chose to go larger, opting instead for a 48″x24″ which was by far the largest I had painted in a long time! 🙂 This painting is based on Mudeford Quay, a favourite destination for the family and depicts them crabbing from the quayside on a warm summer’s day.

Ziggy commissioned pet portrait
Lake District commissioned portrait

Lake District

This painting was commissioned by my client as a gift for her husband on their 25th wedding anniversary. The foreground shows her husband with their 2 children when they were young and is loosely based on a favourite photograph she gave me to work from. I kept the figures very similar to the photo, just adding a favourite doll into her daughter’s arms but the setting is completely different. The background is based on Aira Force, a waterfall in the Lake District, this location is somewhere that holds many happy memories for all the family. 24″ x 24″ acrylic on canvas.


I had the honour of painting this handsome boy’s portrait, 19 year old Ziggy. Sadly, he recently crossed rainbow bridge, leaving a big hole in the lives of his family. My client commissioned Ziggy’s portrait as a birthday gift for her sister who is feeling his loss greatly. Nothing can fill the void a beloved pet leaves behind but they leave us with their paw prints on our hearts and many years of happy memories to treasure ❤ 10″x10″ acrylic on canvas

Best Friends commissioned pet portrait

Best Friends

This commission was initially requested by a friend of mine for Christmas who had taken a photograph of one of her cats and her horse in this exact pose and wanted it captured in paint. It’s such a beautiful image but is tinged with sadness as soon after the picture was taken Perky the horse was diagnosed with a heart condition so is now retired and unable to be ridden. Around the same time my friend found out Oscar the cat was blind due to a tumour and she had to make the heartbreaking decision to have him put to sleep. My friend’s mum contacted me soon afterwards to ask me to do the painting as soon as I could as a surprise present for her daughter. Two special boys captured forever in paint. ❤ 16″ x 12″ acrylic on canvas.

Hamworthy Beach Huts commissioned painting

Hamworthy Beach Huts

I am very proud to share this painting commissioned as a Christmas gift from a wife to her husband. This has to be the most poignant piece I have ever done. The setting is Hamworthy in Dorset at sunset, depicted by the row of beach huts in the background. My client, her husband and young daughter are pictured walking hand in hand away from the shoreline with their dog towards the promenade. Seated on the promenade are four figures watching the young family walk towards them. These four figures are the little girl’s grandparents. They have all very sadly passed away and never got to meet their gorgeous granddaughter. I feel very honoured to have been asked to paint this special and emotional piece. 48″x24″ acrylic on canvas.

The One Tun pub commissioned painting

The One Tun

This painting was commissioned by Ei Group plc as a retirement gift for the Landlord of ‘The One Tun’ pub in Farringdon. Charles Dickens stayed here in the days when it was just a hostelry and it featured in his celebrated novel Oliver Twist as the “The Three Cripples pub”, ‘The One Tun’ is an historic London pub with a rich history of more than 170 years. Dave, along with his wife Caroline, ran this London pub for over 24 years and built up a special relationship with the brewery and customers alike. At the client’s request, I have painted their names under the nearest lit window. 12″ x 12″ acrylic on canvas.

The Missing piece commissioned painting

The Missing Piece

Commissioned by my client, a childhood friend, as a birthday present for herself from the family. It shows her with her husband standing in the porch of her childhood home with her sister and brother-in-law on the right, father mowing the lawn, mother and niece in the foreground. This was a particularly poignant piece for me to paint. I knew this house well and would walk up this garden path every week day morning to knock for my friend on the way to school, always greeted with a warm welcome by her mother. Sadly my client lost her mother after a short illness last year, a huge loss for the family. My client told me how she wanted each family member depicted in the painting. For me, the main focus of the painting had to be her mother pausing in her weeding to watch her young grandaughter play with the same toy she herself used to play with when she was a child. Blondie, a beloved family pet lost some years ago, sits beside her. I hope the whole family will look at this painting with fondness and a smile for many years to come. 20″ x 16″ acrylic on canvas

Garden Adventures commissioned painting

Garden Adventures

My client commissioned this painting as a gift for her husband on his birthday. It depicts their three young children looking for creepy crawlies and bugs in the summer amongst the beautiful wild flowers at the bottom of their garden. The boys are busy looking in flowerpots while their little girl tenderly holds a little snail in her hand, her favourite cuddly bunny resting at her feet. Nestled in the grass and flowerbed are toy dinosaurs and sharks which are often forgotten and always found when the flowers die back in the autumn. 16″ x 12″ acrylic on canvas.

Sisters commissioned painting


This was a special one for me to do. It was commissioned by the sister of a very close friend of mine for her 40th birthday. My client wanted a painting of the two of them on the stairs of their family home to capture a favourite photographic scene of them from the early 1980s. We couldn’t decide which photo to base the painting on and I found myself preferring the pose of one sister in each photo so had the idea to combine the two photos in one painting. I initially tried to work entirely from the black and white photos but struggled to capture skintone and hair colour so client dug out some colour photos which helped immensely. I think combining the two photos gives the scene an edge of anticipation as the cheeky pair come excitedly down the stairs. You can’t help but wonder what or who is waiting for them at the bottom 🙂 12″ x 24″ acrylic on canvas

A selection of Lynnes older commissions (click for larger image)

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