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Fairy Artwork... Step inside my world

My love for fairies began when I was a child.  I used to be captivated by the fairy tales and magical books I used to read and would lose myself for hours in the secret realm of the fairies, but I often felt disappointed and frustrated in the illustrations.  The images were rarely how I imagined them to be in my mind so I took to drawing my own versions and made up my mind to be a children’s book illustrator.


Unfortunately my tutors at art college believed I should pursue a career in contemporary art instead so I enrolled on a Fine Art Painting degree course at Brighton University.  I wish I had stuck to my goal, contemporary art turned out not to be my thing at all.  I totally lost my confidence and enthusiasm for painting despite selling work from my final year show and picking up a well paid commission.  After that I didn’t pick up a paintbrush again for 15 years.


This all changed when I became a mother to my two daughters.  As they grew I started to see the world through their innocent eyes.  The joy and fascination they found in the small wonders of nature reignited my passion for painting as I became overwhelmed with the desire to capture the magic they saw.  They seemed to see fairy magic everywhere, in every flower, in every raindrop and every gust of wind.  I couldn’t help but see it too.  Today I work as a freelance commission based artist but fairies remain my true love and I paint them whenever I have a gap in commissions.  I feel incredibly blessed to be doing exactly what I love and share the fairy world I see through my paintings.

Hope Fairy painting. After the rain comes a rainbow bringing hope of better days


This painting is a message of hope in these difficult times. With so much sadness and loss it is hard to see the positives but after a heavy rainfall, comes the sunshine and a rainbow of hope with the promise of new beginnings. 16″x16″ acrylic on canvas


The fairies have been busy hanging three little ribbons on the silky spiderweb draped over the flowers. These ribbons are cancer awareness ribbons. This painting commemorates everyone who has fought this battle. 16″x12″ acrylic on canvas.

Because I Love You Fairy painting
Shy Violet fairy painting.  Secretive and shy fairies who want to be friends

Because I Love You

Carnations are the traditional flower for Mothers Day so I created a painting based around that. A little fairy ready to present a surprise to someone special in her life…’just because I love you’. 16″x16″ acrylic on canvas.

The Adornment fairy painting

The Adornment

Legend has it that Fairy Rings are worn areas in the grass made by fairies dancing. It is believed they are where fairies come to dance and celebrate, and perform many of the rituals of their own magic. Here in this painting you can see one of those rituals taking place. In the milky twilight, a flutter of fairies are adorning the sad sight of a fallen tree with garlands of ivy. Each garland is wound beautifully around the branches and trunk by the fairies as they dance, like winding green leafy ribbons around a maypole. I know ivy is not popular with many but I have always thought it looks so pretty wrapped around a tree. The next time you see something covered in ivy, check to see if there is a fairy ring near by. You can be sure fairy magic has been at work, breathing life into the neglected and long forgotten things around us. This painting is the biggest fairy painting I have ever done, measuring 30″x30″.

Waltz of the fuchsias fairy painting.  A magical performance of dancing fairies

Waltz Of The Fuchsias

You never know what delights you might find in the garden if you are quiet and patient. If you are very lucky you might just get the chance to see a very special show like this one. Sunbeams fall through the dense foliage of a fuchsia plant like stage lights and the fairy ballerinas take their places ready to perform. As the music starts the dance begins. The fairies in their beautiful cerise and purple costumes shimmer and shine as they twirl across the stage, their wings sparkling as they catch the sun. Such a breathtaking sight! The show is over when the sunbeam fades but the memory will live with you forever. 16″x 20″ acrylic on canvas

Iridescence  fairy painting with dragondly

Shy Violet

Wild violet, an unassuming wildflower that can grow abundantly if undisturbed and usually the perfect hiding spot for fairies. This fairy and her young child have been spotted though! Fairies are naturally shy and mistrustful of human folk, with good reason being so tiny and vulnerable. The young mother peeps shyly out from behind a violet flower holding her child to her with a protective hand. She is wary, unsure if the onlooker is friend or foe but the little fairy, hugging her mother’s leg for reassurance, is clearly delighted to make a new friend. I so loved painting this one, it reminded me of the times my young daughters used to cling to my legs when they were shy and a little unsure of people they didn’t know…. 🙂 12″x12″ acrylic on canvas

Dragon's roar fairy painting with snapdragons

The Dragon's Roar

The garden at night is a fabulous place for the young fairies to explore. Under the cover of darkness they are hidden and safe…..or are they? Here one little fairy is bravely exploring the forest of Snapdragon plants. Of course she has heard the tales of the dragon flowers coming to life with huge mouths that open wide and she doesn’t believe them. But, as a moon beam illuminates the fiery tones of an orange plant, the wee fairy gasps as she is confronted by a dragon head suddenly opening it’s mouth and letting out an almighty ROAR followed by a…..giggle? Hmm….Someone thinks this was a great trick to play…..not sure she will agree though! Antirrhinums, so pretty and fun. As a child I loved squeezing those dragon heads, bringing them to life. To be honest, I still do 😁 16″x16″ acrylic on canvas.

Accidents Happen fairy painting

Accidents Happen

Hydrangeas fascinate me. How is it you can have different colour blooms in just one shrub? These young fairies have been given a little job to keep them out of mischief….painting some of the blue hydrangea flowers from blue to pink. A fairly simple task to do you would think but little ones are very easily distracted! One little fairy is upset that she has knocked her paint pot over, causing a cascade of pink to discolour two blooms that were meant to stay blue. Oh dear. The next time you see multicoloured blooms on a hydrangea shrub you can be sure some excitable little fairies were there just before you learning how to paint. Yes, they might look messy but accidents happen and it’s amazing how beautiful accidents can be. 🙂 20″x 20″ acrylic on canvas

The Lucky find fairy painting....the joy of finding the elusive four leaf clover


Dragonflies are magical. The power in their wings and grace in their flight are very similar to that of a fairy. It is no wonder the two creatures have a very special bond and can easily be mistaken for each other. The beautiful iridescent colours of the dragonfly are mirrored in the dress of this fairy as she rests on a water iris and her shimmery wings are strikingly similar. So the next time you catch a glimpse of iridescent sparkle over a glassy lake or resting on a flower look carefully… it really a dragonfly that you see? 12″x24″ acrylic on canvas.

The Artist fairy painting

The Artist

The first colours of autumn/fall are so beautiful. The contrasts of green with the hues of gold, orange and red are a palette of colours any artist would be proud of. For centuries artists have been inspired to paint autumnal landscapes but who do we have to thank for creating nature’s finest masterpiece? Each leaf is a work of art if you look at them closely enough. This fairy is a little taken aback at the intrusion as she works at adding crimson hues to a yellow leaf. I know where she is coming from….I hate to be interrupted when I am painting too 😁

Rise and Shine fairy painting with morning glory

Rise And Shine

Where do the young fairies sleep at night? They’re so small and vulnerable. I like to think the morning glory vine is the perfect place. This plant has large trumpet-shaped flowers and as the sun sets in the evenings the young sleepy fairies climb into the beautiful blooms. The morning glory is truly magic. It twirls up its buds tightly at night to make cocoons, keeping the little ones safe. When the sun hits the flowers in the morning they unfold, gently waking the fairies from their slumber. As a new day starts it looks like someone is already up to mischief with a drop of morning dew! 12″ x 24″ acrylic on canvas

Fairy Lights fairy painting

The Lucky Find

In this painting there is a young fairy who has made a very special discovery amongst the lush clover leaves. She will of course have been told about the lucky four leaved clovers by the older fairies but I expect she never thought she would actually find one herself. I understand her sheer delight and awe at finding this beautiful treasure because I felt just the same when I found my first four leaved clover as a young girl. I pressed mine between the pages of a book…problem is I forgot which book it was and I never found it again! 12″x12″ acrylic on canvas, if you would like to give this painting a home drop me a message.

Time yo let go fairy painting with cherry blossom

Time To Let Go

Blossom on trees must be one of the most beautiful sights in nature but it is a sad sight when the petals start falling…but how do the petals know when to let go? I think they have a helping hand. Here we have two fairies sitting on the branch of a wild cherry tree. One fairy holds a petal in her hand, I think it’s agreed…it’s time to let go.  16″ x 16″ acrylic on canvas.

Evie in the bluebell wood fairy painting

Evie In The Bluebell Woods

This was a painting completed for pure pleasure which had been screaming at me to get out for some time, so I was very pleased when I finally had the time to do it! Evie used to come to my art classes and is the beautiful daughter of one of my Facebook friends. I was so drawn to a photo taken when she was around 6 years old in this exact pose. I knew I had to use it to paint her into a magical scene somehow. There is something very special about bluebell woods, you just know there are secrets there. I have painted Evie crouched amongst the bluebells in dappled sunlight. Absorbed in play, something has caught her eye and she turns her head to see a fluttering creature. Butterfly, dragonfly….or fairy?? 😊 Children and fairies, my two favourite subjects in one painting, I had lots of fun painting this. 20″ x 20″ acrylic on canvas. Photo reference courtesy of Claire Tremeer.

Broken wing fairy painting. You may be broken now but you will heal and you will fly again

Broken Wing

I was busily working away on some pieces for exhibition and thought it might be nice to make one of them a fairy painting. As you all know I love to paint fairies and I started thinking about what might happen to a fairy who’s wings get broken or damaged. This piece called ‘The Torn Wing’ shows a poor fairy who has accidentally torn one of her wings on a windy day….. I wonder if she can still fly? 12″ x 12″ acrylic on canvas.

Fairy Lights

Ever wondered what Tooth Fairies get up to when there not collecting teeth? Well here we see them busy still. ‘Fairy Lights’ was commissioned by the owner of a dental agency in honour of her employees, her ‘tooth fairies’ and was my last commission of 2013, such a long time ago now! 😊 What an amazing year it was. You can purchase this as a Limited Edition Print in my online shop. All prints are 10″ x 10″ (16″ x 16″ mounted) ready to frame.

promise of snowfall fairy painting

Promise Of Snowfall

As the weather warms up, I am inspired to paint winter….why?? 😂 As the temperature drops, the anticipation of snow rises and it’s no different in the fairy realm. Nestled amongst the needles of a pine tree are two little winter fairies. These little beings never feel the cold and fully embrace their duties of caring for nature through the winter months. Head tilted to the sky one fairy is hopeful of imminent snow but her friend is clearly bored of waiting! This was January in my 2019 calendar 🙂 16″ x 12″ acrylic on canvas

Sound Of The Sea

I don’t know why I haven’t painted fairies by the sea before considering it is one of my favourite places to be and there is definitely magic to be found. Have you ever held a shell to your ear and wondered how the sound of the sea is captured inside? Fairy magic of course. Here we have a little fairy perched on a shell washed up on the tide. She patiently waits for the shell to fill with sound of the sea, carried to the shore on a gentle summer breeze. This painting has a delicate embellishment of iridescent glitter to the wings and dress and the fairy appears to shimmer in the sunlight but I can’t capture it in a photo! It makes me wonder if the sparkle on the waves is really down to sunshine alone… I will be watching the sea more closely in future 🙂 This 12″ x 12″ acrylic painting is available as a Limited Edition glitter print. x

The Sound of the Sea fairy painting

Breeze Through The Bluebells

This was a commissioned piece and a joy to paint it was too 😊 My client requested another fairy painting to add to her collection of my fairy paintings that she has hanging on her business premises. The only requirement was to base the painting in shades of blue to work with company colours. Apart from that, it was up to me how I chose to do it. There is magic to be found in the bluebell wood with its breathtaking display of flowers in the spring and you just know fairies are present. I loved the idea of catching a glimpse of a fairy as a breeze playfully moves through the flowers and gently caresses her hair and dress as she perches on a stem. Blink and you miss her. Was it just your imagination or was she really there? 😊 12″ x 12″ acrylic on canvas.

Breeze Through The Bluebells  fairy painting
The Guiding Light fairy painting

The Guiding Light

On dark autumn evenings I imagine it must be difficult for fairies to find their way around. Thank goodness for the Chinese lantern plant with it’s fruit covered in bright orange paper lanterns in September. With a little fairy magic, these lanterns provide a beautiful glow to help a fairy find her way home…. the perfect guiding light. 12″ x 12″ acrylic on canvas. ‘The Guiding Light’ Limited Edition prints are available to buy. Do message me if interested. 😊

Morning Dew Rose Fairy Painting

Morning Dew

A painting I needed to do for my own pure enjoyment. It depicts a fairy waking from slumber on a summer morning with the roses covered in sparkly dew drops. I love my job, capturing my clients beautiful memories is an amazing honour but sometimes I need to unwind my creative mind and I find painting fairies brings a certain peace as I gather my thoughts for the next commission. I feel I have woken refreshed just like my new fairy. 😊 16″ x 16″ acrylic on canvas.

Winter Rose fairy Painting

Winter Rose

This painting was one I had on the back burner for months. I’d paint a bit, then paint it out, happy one minute, hate it the next so it would sit in the corner of the studio facing away from me as I couldn’t bear the taunting! This little lady and I had a difficult relationship to start with but we came out the other side and I think she is now one of my personal favourites. Sitting on a silky winter rose, this fairy lifts her face to the pale watery light from a winter sun. Frost clings to the leaves of the rose giving them a sharp glittery edge and the sun is just strong enough to add sparkle to the abandoned web which has been draped over the frost tipped seed heads. ‘Winter Rose’ is available as a Limited Edition signed print and she features in my 2018 fairy calendar. 16″ x 16″ acrylic on canvas.

Spring cleaning fairy painting

Spring Cleaning

I love blossom. It’s such a beautiful sight on the trees in spring isn’t it? A few weeks ago as I was looking out of my kitchen window I saw blossom falling like confetti from the tree outside our house. The grass underneath gradually became a pink carpet of petals and it inspired this painting called ‘Spring Cleaning’. One day the petals are carpeting the ground, the next they are gone. Where do they go? Maybe fairies are at work? Here we have two fairies busy with their feather brooms, sweeping up the blossom petals. Well, one is busy….the other is maybe not fully embracing the task in hand. 😀 12″ x 12″ acrylic on canvas.

A Break In The Clouds fairy with flower umbrella painting

A Break In The Clouds

A fairy venturing out into the sun with her umbrella after a heavy downpour. This painting has been safely delivered to the headquarters of Cavity Dental Staff Agency in Reading where it hangs with another fairy painting that I was commissioned to complete for the owner. I pretty much had free rein with this piece, I just needed to keep to a fairly blue palette in keeping with Cavity colours. Whilst painting this, I realised I have an obsession with water droplets…. they absolutely fascinate me! 😊 12″ x 12″ acrylic on canvas.

Love At First Sight fairy painting with snowdrops

Love At First Sight

I can’t stop painting fairies! After a hard winter one of the most beautiful and uplifting sights is seeing the first signs of spring. Here we have a fairy tenderly cradling the first snowdrop flower that has emerged from the thawing snow and her face is pressed gently against the petals with a gentle loving smile. February….. the month of love….. another one for in my 2018 calendar. 😊 ‘Love At First Sight’ is now available as Limited Edition fine art print. x

Dance of the red dragonflies fairy painting

Dance Of The Red Dragonflies

The red dragonflies are of significant importance to my client as they represent a fond part of her life when she was studying Chinese medicine some years ago. My brief was to paint these beautiful creatures dancing with fairies so I came up with this scene, each fairy partnered with a dragonfly, lost in their dance. When you see the glimmer of gossamer wings over a lily pond can you be absolutely sure it’s a dragonfly you saw? Or could it possibly be a fairy? 🙂 16″ x 12″ acrylic on canvas board.

Over the threshold fairy window painting

Over The Threshold

When you throw your windows open on a hot summer night, you are probably letting in more than a rose scented cooling breeze. Here, by the light of the moon, a spiderweb sparkles in the corner suggesting someone has taken the open window as an invitation to come in but I think the little ladybird on the windowsill has lost her way and doesn’t really want to be inside at all. The fairies will coax her out but will they cross over the threshold? This is an original painting in acrylic on canvas with sparkle embellishment on the fairies and spiderweb.

A New Home fairy window painting

New Home

In this painting a little fairy is helping a pair of blue tits find somewhere to build a nest and I think she has found the perfect place. The open windows might be broken but this abandoned cottage is peaceful and pretty. It doesn’t take long for nature to move in when no one is around and the wisteria and ivy are winding their way inside. Let’s hope it stays untouched for a little while longer… is the perfect new home.

Growing Love fairy painting with crocuses
Fairies Collecting Raindrops painting with toadstools

Faries Collecting Raindrops

This fairytale commission was created for a 5 year old girl. I was asked to create a fairy painting using pinks and greens, and decided upon this springlike scene. The two fairies are patiently collecting raindrops as they roll off the leaves, their gossamer wings glinting in the spring sunshine. The fairy laying on the toadstool looks like she is finding the task more than a little boring! All my prints are 10″ x 10″ (16″ x 16″ mounted) ready to frame.

The Dew Pond Fairy painting with waterlily

The Dew Pond

Some will remember the photo I took of a beautiful water lily that appeared in my pond and how I promised to paint the fairy I saw there dipping her toe…. well here she is. Who can resist disturbing a smooth glassy surface of water? I loved painting this… the play of sunlight though the fairy’s dress and petals of the water lily, along with the shine and sparkle of the wings and water…. magic. 16″ x 12″ acrylic on canvas canvas. SOLD while the paint was still wet! 😊 Limit Edition prints & cards are available in the online shop.

Mischief Makers window fairy painting

The Mischief Makers

Another window painting and my first featuring a boy fairy! Here we have the sun breaking through after a heavy April shower. The raindrops on the window sparkle in the sunshine….as does the trail of a snail. If you forget to close your window when it’s raining you might just get a cheeky visitor or two. Elvie and Cosmo, (I grew so fond of these fairies that I named them as I painted them), have been amusing themselves as they shelter from the rain but now the game is over and it is time to leave. I was inspired to paint this after seeing a beautiful sparkly snail trail in the garden and loved painting this scene SO much.

The Visitors window fairy painting with robin

The Visitors

On a warm summer afternoon you like to throw your windows wide open to embrace the warmth of a sunny day. This cottage garden is full of flowers and the sweet smell of pink roses outside the window drifts in on a gentle breeze…..but it seems the open window has attracted some attention. The painting has been done on a sheet of cotton canvas and to add depth I painted the frame and window sill onto the mount. The little robin’s feet have also been painted onto the mount to give the illusion of him standing closer to us. I dream of having a little cottage in the country where visitors, big and small, will always be welcome 🙂

Growing Love

The crocus. One of the first flowers to brighten a winter garden and the traditional flower dedicated to St Valentine. If you have this beautiful little flower growing in your garden it is said to attract love and here beneath the vibrant cups of saffron and purple, hidden from view, love is growing. 

12"x12" acrylic on canvas.

Mistletoe Kisses fairy Christmas painting

Mistletoe Kisses

Holly and can't help but think of Christmas can you. Standing on the waxy leaves of a holly bush is a little fairy, her red hair is a striking contrast against her green surroundings, yet curled up amongst the leaves you would probably mistake her hair for vibrant holly berries! The mistletoe above her head is rich with pearl like fruit. She gently cups one of the berries in her hands as if it is a precious gem and tenderly gives it a loving kiss. 12"x12" acrylic on canvas.

The Last Leaf fairy painting.  Clinging on tight to what must go
Wisteria Whispers fairy painting

Wisteria Whispers

The Wisteria vine is well known for its groups of violet blooms which cascade downward like a beautiful waterfall. The fragrant blooms and seeds of the Wisteria are known to attract many winged creatures....butterflies, insects and if you're lucky, fairies. The secrets of the Wisteria should remain undisturbed, don't expect a warm welcome if you hear whispers in the blooms and take a peek, fairies are shy and won't be happy at the intrusion!

Wisps Of The Wood fairy painting

The Last Leaf

A strong little fairy stands on the bare branches of a maple tree, holding on tight to the last leaf.  She puts up a valiant fight against the cold late autumn wind but nature must take its course and she must inevitably let go....

12"x12" acrylic on canvas

Wisps Of The Wood

I love to depict fairies taking care of the natural world around us but anywhere there is good, there is often a dark side and it's no different in the fairy realm. This painting is a gentle warning to be careful in the woods and forests at night.

Lost in a foggy woodland you would be relieved to see this beautiful blue glowing fairy promising to lead you to safety. She catches your eye and smiles, encouraging you to follow but do not trust her. She and her sisters waiting in the background are not all they seem....

Will-O'-the-Wisp or "foolish fire" is described as looking like floating balls of blue flame in British folklore. Living in the marshes these nocturnal fairies will mislead travellers appearing as a lantern light in the distance. Those who follow the light will at least become lost but many times the will-o'-the-wisp will lead the person into mortal danger.

30"x30" acrylic on canvas.

The Gift

The Sign fairy painting with rose and feather

It can be hard to see the light when you are in the midst of a long dark winter but there are signs of comfort if we allow ourselves to see them.  Sitting on a beautiful frost encrusted rose, this fairy has received her message of hope and the winter suddenly doesn't feel so bleak.

Receiving gifts of white feathers is a sign that your guardian angel or loved one is nearby, giving you soft nudges of encouragement and love.  they represent hope,new beginnings, trust and inner strength.  The frost may come but our loved ones are always near, reminding us that spring will follow.

10"x10" acrylic on canvas

The Gloaming

The gloaming, that magical time of day after the sun sets and before darkness totally falls. A time of peace and tranquility deep in the woodland when the fairies sleep. It’s almost impossible to find sleeping fairies, they tuck themselves deeply into flowers and foliage where they will be safe and undisturbed. In a woodland, the bed of choice is Lily of the Valley. The Lily of the Valley is an ancient-woodland-indicator plant. If you spot it while you’re out exploring, it could be a sign you’re standing in a rare and special habitat, so special in fact that amongst the lush leaves you may well find a fairy in slumber. As darkness begins to fall at gloaming, you may notice a soft glimmering amongst this carpet of fragrant plants. This is because each plant with a fairy curled up within it’s leaves has a bell shaped flower on it’s stem softly aglow, making the perfect lamp for a fairy as she prepares for bed. As gloaming turns to nightfall the glimmering of soft lamp lights gradually dim and fade, easing the fairies into a peaceful sleep. 30″x 30″ acrylic on canvas.

Changing-Seasons fairy painting

Changing Seasons

Magic is all around us in the change of the seasons and no where is it more apparent than in the humble apple tree…… is it possible nature has a little helping hand? The fairy guardians of this tree all have an important role to play on the journey through the seasons. In spring the fragile apple blossom is cared for and, when the time is right, each little petal is released on a warm gentle breeze. The hot summer days bring delicious ripe fruit, polished to perfection using cloths of pure spun spidersilk. As the autumn days turn colder the leaves are artfully changed from green to hues of orange and red with the flick of a paintbrush. In winter, the raindrops turn to icicles and shards of frost are expertly and carefully applied to all the edges of the last remaining leaves that cling to the almost bare branches. This painting was a specially commissioned piece and was so enjoyable yet challenging to do! Each season needed to work strongly on it’s own as well as seamlessly change from one season to the other so it took a bit of planning and many colours to achieve it….unusual for me as I always favour a limited colour palette in my paintings! 20″x16″ acrylic on canvas.

High Winds fairy painting with thistle

High Winds

The wild beauty of the Scottish Highlands is often portrayed as a romantic part of Scotland. This is not at all strange given the stunning unspoilt nature with rugged mountains, deep blue lochs and empty glens where majestic Red Deer rule the hills and Eagles rule the skies. Due to the ever and fast changing weather the Highlands have a mystical touch. One moment you see the hills, the next they are gone. Sunny spells and dark shadows move over the hills and the white snow capped mountains in winter give the Highlands a sparkling touch. A sudden strong wind has caught this fairy out! She clings to a thistle, waiting for the wind to drop…..a hazardous place of shelter for such a delicate creature. I hope her wings do not get torn! 12″x 12″ acrylic on canvas

The Gown Maker fairy painting with peonies

The Gown Maker

Is there a more romantic, glamorous and flamboyant flower than the peony? It is surely the bloom of choice for the perfect fairy ball gown with it’s delicate, yet decadent, soft layers. In this painting a talented gownmaker is working her magic with soft pink peony petals. She works deftly, creating a gown of dreams for her very happy customer. I wanted to create a vintage feel in this painting with the soft muted colour palette, reminiscent of the old Victorian flower paintings. The romantic style of the dress also lends itself perfectly to the Victorian era. This is probably the largest fairy painting I have done so far at 20″x 20″, I wanted to do those peony blooms justice!

Elf Knots fairy painting based on the legend of knotted horse manes

Elf Knots

According to an ancient legend, the fairies visited the stables in the middle of the night to make knots in the manes of the horses. It is said that once the horsehair of the horses braided, these little creatures used knots as stirrups to ride the horses at nightfall. So if you find it in the morning in the mane of your horses it is that the fairies have passed by last night. 16″x16″ acrylic on canvas.

A Friend To Bee fairy painting with foxgloves

A Friend To Bee

Have you ever helped a bee on their way by giving them some sugared water when they need a boost? Here amongst the stately foxgloves is a fairy tending to a bumble bee in trouble. She gently places a tubular shaped flower within reach so he can drink from the reviving nectar inside. These two are sure to bee-come firm friends. Save the bees! 🙂 I enjoyed working on this vertical painting, it’s the perfect shape to fit a narrow alcove or stairwell. 12″x24″ acrylic on canvas.

The Thaw fairy painting

The Thaw

Although winter is a beautiful season, a slight warmth in the air is always welcome after a long period of ice and snow isn’t it. Nature and wildlife slowly wake up from a deep winter slumber at the promise of spring and here, emerging from a cosy little hollow in a tree is a little fairy. She waits patiently as the woodland appears from under the deep blanket of snow below. As the snow melts away she prepares to take flight, ready to care of the tentative first signs of spring.  12″ x 12″ acrylic on canvas.

A Listening Ear fairy painting with poppies

A Listening Ear

Is there anything that says summer like vibrant red poppies swaying in shiny golden wheat fields? There is magic to be found here if you look closely enough. In this painting a fairy in a silky scarlet dress sits on an ear of wheat intently listening to a poppy flower. I wonder what is being said? The next time you see a summer breeze blowing through a field of wheat, stop and listen closely to the sound. The whispers of the wheat fields hold many secrets, flowers can talk but it’s usually only the fairies who really listen. I was given the idea of doing a poppy fairy painting by a lovely lady on my Facebook page and I am delighted to say she has given this painting a home. I think this fairy will represent August perfectly my 2019 calendar…what do you think? 🙂 12″ x 12″ acrylic on canvas. 

Autumn glaze fairy painting with toadstool

Autumn Glaze

Autumn is a magical time in woodlands. The glowing colours, the mistiness in the air and toadstools are all sure signs of fairy presence and there are other clues too if you look hard enough. If you peek under a toadstool you might just be lucky enough to see a fairy working hard to add the glaze onto the conkers nestled amongst the horse chestnut leaves on the ground. Have you ever collected beautiful, rich mahogany toned, shiny conkers to take home only to find they quickly lose their lustre? Fairy magic at work I think! 😊 This painting featured in my 2018 calendar is also be available to buy as a Giclée fine art print. 12″x12″ acrylic on canvas.

Footsteps! fairy painting


Fairies are very good at hiding but I think it must be very stressful at times, always living with the fear of being discovered. Here, a flutter of fairies have taken cover under a couple of toadstools as the sound of human footsteps approach. Twigs snapping and leaves crunching are sounds I love to hear when walking through an autumnal woodland but I imagine it strikes fear in my fairy friends until danger passes. I think these little beauties are going to be just fine though 🙂 This painting was more challenging than I anticipated, it took a second attempt before it worked. I struggled to get the lighting right, the colours, the mood…ugh…. I nearly gave up. But I think this is now one of my favourites 😀  16″ x 12″ acrylic on canvas

Unforgotten fairy painting with forget me nots


I was in a melancholy mood I started this painting. So much tragedy and loss, not only the big events in the news but also many friends and clients had lost loved ones and I found myself absorbing the grief and sadness. It’s not my pain to bear and I don’t know why it affected me so deeply but I found myself lost in tearful thoughts too often. My therapy is to express myself through paint and I found comfort while painting this piece, ‘Unforgotten’. Amongst the delicate blue forget-me-nots, a fairy kneels with her head bowed. In her hands she tenderly holds a forget-me-not flower, lost in her memories of a loved one gone. In the process of painting it I found myself thinking fondly of my dear granddad. He died a few years ago, lost to Alzheimer’s and the forget-me-not flower is, of course, a symbol of the Alzheimer’s Society. This painting helped me get my thoughts and emotions in order. Our loved ones live on forever in our hearts, unforgotten. 16″ x 12″ acrylic on canvas. Mounted Limited Edition prints available.

Drifting Away Fairy painting

Drifting Away

Drifting across the water a fallen Autumn leaf carries two fairies on a gentle journey. With fairy lights wrapped around the stem casting a guiding light and warm glow, one fairy soothes or comforts her friend as she drifts into a peaceful sleep. When life is tough painting fairies is where I find peace. It’s was a difficult few weeks when I painted this and it provided much needed therapy, helping me drift away from real life for a few days. 😊 16″ x 12″ acrylic on canvas.

Dewdrops At Dawn fairy painting

Dewdrops at Dawn

This painting is inspired by the breathtakingly beautiful sight of spiderwebs covered in morning dew. I am no fan of spiders but I so appreciate the intricate beauty of a silky spiderweb… the embellishment of dew drops is surely one of nature’s wonders. Or is it? Could it be fairy magic at work? Here we have two busy fairies bathed in the first light of dawn. Each drop of dew is lovingly placed on the silken threads of the web like jewels, sparkling in the early morning sun. 16″ x 16″ acrylic on canvas. The Limited edition fine art print is available in the online shop.

Love in a Nutshell fairy painting

Love In A Nutshell

May I present my first glitter fairy painting, ‘Love, in a nutshell’. Under the lush green leaves nestled in the grass, a fairy baby stirs. A gentle rock of the walnut shell cradle and a soothing smile should hopefully settle the baby again. I loved trying to capture the light in this one, particularly the softness through the sheer fabric of the fairy’s dress and in the sparkle of the raindrop suncatcher hanging over the cradle. I struggled to capture the iridescent glitter in a photo but it works so well in this painting, the fairy seems to shimmer and come to life. Limited edition prints and cards are available to buy in the online shop. 🙂 12″ x 12″ acrylic with iridescent glitter embellishment on canvas.

Shade Seekers window fairy painting

Shade Seekers

The heat off a summer’s day can be too much for some. This little fairy has sought shade on a coastal cottage window sill but the sun still streams in….maybe a daisy parasol will help! I couldn’t resist another window painting, I love the Cornish coast and this painting is inspired by the beautiful beaches there.

The Guiding Light
The Gown Maker
The Gloaming
The Dew Pond
The Artist
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Waltz Of The Fuchsias
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The visitors
The Thaw
The lucky Find
Shade Seekers
Rise And Shine
Rose Fairy
Promise of Snowfall
Morning Dew
Over The Threshold
New Home
Mischief Makers
Love In A Nutshell
High Winds
Faries Collecting Raindrops
Friend to bee
Broken Wing
Breeze Through The Bluebells
A Break in the Clouds
Fairy Lights
Drifting Away
Evie In The Bluebell Woods
Elf Knots
Dragons Roar
Dewdrops at Dawn
Changing Seasons
Accidents Happen
Because I Love You
Autumn Glaze
A Listening Ear
Summer's End fairy painting with yellow roses

Summer's End

I imagine there's a certain sadness amongst the young fairies when a plant reaches the end of it's flowering season. They are taught to nurture and protect the blooms and a natural attachment is formed that is hard to let go of. In time they learn to accept that this is nature's way but loss is never easy.

16"x16" acrylic on canvas

The Snake's Tears fairy painting with Snake's Head Fritillary

Snake's Tears

Snake's Head Fritillary is such a unique looking flower. When in young growth, the flower buds are tightly encircled by the sheathing leaves, and together these poke vertically up through the grass like the nose of a small snake. As their stems elongate, they arc over to ensure that the fertile bits within their dusky, nodding bells are protected from the rain. Once successful pollination has occurred, the stems straighten again so that the seed pods are held aloft on tall, wiry stems, ready to scatter their seeds to the four corners.

Here we have two fairies protecting the flowers during a sudden spring shower. Being caught in the rain is not ideal for such delicate creatures as fairies but they take their role as nature's protectors very seriously, this flower must not get wet inside! They wait patiently, providing comfort. The rain will pass, their wings will dry...and so will the teardrops on the Snake's Head.

12"x 24" acrylic on canvas

After The Storm fairy painting with magnolias and rainbow

Heading 1Aaaa

                   After The Storm

As you walk under trees after a heavy downpour do you find you often get a few well timed drops of rain falling on your head?  It could be coincidence but  next time look a little harder amongst the branches. In this magnolia tree, a fairy has found a large raindrop on one of the fragrant blooms. As she's about to dip her toe and no doubt splash whoever is unlucky enough to be below, her attention is drawn to the rainbow suddenly breaking through the clouds. She pauses and gazes in awe at this magical sign of hope as the sun breaks through the clouds...

'Everyone wants happiness, no one wants pain, but you can't have a rainbow without a little rain'



The Last Dance fairy painting with autumn leaves

Walking through an Autumn woodland it is not unusual to see falling leaves waltzing their way gently down to the ground. Twisting and twirling they make a stunning performance before they reach the earth below. In this painting the air is heavy with a cool, damp mist and raindrops hang from silken spider thread that drapes over toadstools like bejeweled garlands. Emerging through the mist the leaves make their way gracefully to the ground and it seems they have very special dance partners. Autumn fairies blend so beautifully into their surroundings they are very rarely noticed, the sparkle of fairy wings perhaps the only clue that it's not only leaves that are dancing. The fairies float with grace to their final resting place amongst the carpet of leaves. A poignant last dance as the season changes and autumn makes way for winter.

20"x20" acrylic on canvas

The Last Dance

The Messenger fairy painting with robin


The frost on a cold sunny morning is such a beautiful sight isn't it. Do you sometimes feel the sparkle has a certain magic to it?  This is thanks to the frost fairies working tirelessly through the night.  The little fairy in this painting really must go, the sun is up and her job should be done.  Each jewel encrusted teasel in this woodland sparkles with magic as the glow from the sun's rays gently reaches them.  As the day wears on, the magic will fade but our hard little worker will keep coming back at night to add the fairy dust until she is no longer needed.  Quick little fairy, just enough time to add the finishing touches before you're spotted!

24"x24" acrylic on canvas

          The Finishing Touches

The Messenger

Nestled in a fairy hammock which has been thoughtfully strung between branches bearing shiny rosehips, a little fairy is awakened from her sleep by a visitor bearing an important message. The fairy leans forward and listens intently as the robin sings out his announcement in dulcet tones. If only we could also understand those notes that drift away into the misty woodland.....

This painting was inspired by the robins who seem to be constant companions on my morning walks at the moment, flitting from tree to tree telling me something important and I based it on a photo a friend of mine took of a fairy hammock covered in dew on the same day I had taken my fairy hammock pictures. She kindly gave me permission to use the photo so I could try and capture this magical winter morning.

The Finishing Touches Fairy painting
Bleeding Heart fairy painting

A Bleeding Heart

In some cultures the bleeding heart flower can  represent spurned or rejected love.  It can also simply symbolize feeling compassion and love for everything in creation.  And bleeding heart flowers can also bridge the connection between life and death.

Sitting on a leaf of a bleeding heart plant this fairy nurses her broken heart and watches the droplets of rain fall like silent tears, taking comfort in the flower that seems to bleed with compassion for her.

Sun Kissed fairy painting with sunflowers

Sun Kissed

Sunflowers are a symbol of happiness, positivity, strength and love.  They are flowers that, as the name implies, revolve around the sun on its journey from the time it is born in the morning until it dies at nightfall...but it is not only the sunflowers  that crave the sun's attention.  As the sun sets on another day, these fairies embrace the final warm kiss and send one back, soaking in the loving rays before darkness.

We should learn a lesson from the fairies and sunflowers.  Go in search of the sun, don't wait, pursue what makes us happy...tomorrow is not promised..

                   Fruitful Foragers


Brambles....trailing, tangled, thorny stems bearing five-petalled flowers, with prickly and toothed green leaves...home of the wild blackberry. Blackberry picking is a centuries old pastime in Britain and Ireland, the fruit collected to make crumbles, wines, jams and jellies....if they manage to make it home at all that is!

Have you ever wondered why the ripest juiciest blackberries seems to be so elusive though? Amongst the bounty of berries in this painting two little winged creatures are busy in their task, foraging for the best ones. The risk of being seen is ever present, as soon as they hear footsteps approach they swiftly disappear without a trace. If you're lucky they might just have left you some!

fruitful foragers fairy painting with blackberries


I'Meet Atropa belladonna, more popularly known as deadly nightshade. The plant looks harmless enough, with its green leaves, shiny purple/black berries and pretty bell shaped flowers. Deadly nightshade belongs in the Garden of Eden on appearances alone. However, the plant’s beauty is only skin deep....much like this raven haired beauty who emerges from the shadows. Seductive and mesmerising. With a shy smile she offers up a juicy berry..... tempting you to try one. Such a sweet gesture you might think but the glint in her eye says otherwise. There is a dark side in careful....don't be tempted.

Temptation fairy painting with deadly nightshade



The Calla Lily, a symbol of purity, holiness and faithfulness representing rebirth and resurrection in Christianity. The milky white flowers that bloom around Easter are shaped like trumpets symbolising triumph. The little fairy poised to fly on one of those blooms, closes her eyes and takes a deep breath as a gentle breeze lifts her wings, she has faith she will not fall.

Have faith. Have faith that you will fly again when you feel broken. Have faith that the wind will carry you onwards. Have faith that life can still be beautiful. Have faith that there is a plan for you. But most importantly have faith in yourself. I never thought I would find a way out of the darkness but I can feel the wind beneath my wings again, I have faith I will fly too.

A Different World fairy painting with snow
Seeds Of Change fairy dandelion painting

Seeds Of Change

Dandelions represent and have been associated with healing, growth and transformation. Dandelions also represent clarity, strength and the ability to overcome adversity.

For me, the dandelion represents a fine balance between holding on and letting go. These tiny fairies in their fluffy tutus know when the time is right to let go and trust where the wind carries them. When the dandelion falls apart it starts like a dandelion.

A Different World


Waking up on a winter's morning to an unexpected blanket of snow is much how I have felt about sudden widowhood. The world appearing shifted on it's axis, completely looks different, feels different, sounds different. Although a world like this can look cold and hostile there is a curiosity to discover what is out there in that crisp, fresh, untouched snow. This fairy is hesitant to face this unfamiliar territory but she gathers up her dress and takes that first tentative step into a new world.

'A Different World', along with many other of my recent paintings, has helped me on my journey forwards through a life I did not want or plan for but will embrace regardless. It is taking so much of me to face it but who knows what beauty lies out there in the next chapter not yet written....

Breathe fairy painting with lavendar

Heading 1




Amongst the lavender gently swaying in a warm breeze, a tired and weary fairy holds on and breathes in the soothing scent. With every breath she heals. Lavender has long been known to have healing qualities. It is a remedy for insomnia, anxiety, depression and headaches to name just a few. 


When you're tired, beaten and broken...just hold on. Hold on and breathe. 

The Fading Fairy painting with hydrangeas

The Fading

The hydrangea flower. It fades from glorious hues of pink and blue at the height of summer to tones of subdued sepia in the winter months but it doesn't mean there is no fight left in this beautiful plant. Far from it. There is so much strength, despite the colour fading away. The old flowers over winter provide protection to developing buds during a cold snap so it can come back stronger and even more beautiful the following year.


At points in our life we may experience similar....I know I certainly have. The colour faded from my life for many months as I faced the longest, darkest, coldest winter I had ever known. You don't know how but you find a strength within that you didn't know you had and you come back stronger than you ever were before. If the colour is fading from your life...stand strong in your winter...your summer will return

The Unfurling fairy painting with ferns and bluebells

The Unfurling


The whole world is unfurling

As the winter makes to leave

Like it is stretching out its limbs

And learning once more how to breathe

For spring is in its fingertips

The time for sleep is through

And the air is gently humming

With the chance to start anew

~ E.H.

Lighting the Lanterns

Physalis, or better known as Chinese lantern plant, is so very beautiful and unusual to me. The proud lanterns in golden shades of orange bring colour and light to autumn. The lantern protects and envelops the berry within and symbolises safety, comfort and protection. As the wind picks up and the sky darkens this fairy prepares for a stormy night ahead, determinedly lighting the lanterns to help guide fairies and wildlife home as they battle through the inclement weather. I imagine there would be nothing more comforting than that gentle warm glow from the lanterns

Deep sleep

In this painting a little dormouse and fairy lay nestled amongst the fallen autumn leaves. Here they shall stay, snug and warm, safe and sound til the warmth of spring wakes them from their deep sleep

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