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Dragonflies are magical. The power in their wings and grace in their flight are very similar to that of a fairy. It is no wonder the two creatures have a very special bond and can easily be mistaken for each other. The beautiful iridescent colours of the dragonfly are mirrored in the dress of this fairy as she rests on a water iris and her shimmery wings are strikingly similar. So the next time you catch a glimpse of iridescent sparkle over a glassy lake or resting on a flower look carefully… it really a dragonfly that you see?


These prints are 11″ x 22″ unmounted ready to frame. Due to the size of this product it will be delivered in a postal tube to avoid damage.

Giclee Limited Edition Signed & Numbered Print (US$66 / £50 / C$88)

Iridescence- LTD Signed Print


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