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Waking up on a winter's morning to an unexpected blanket of snow is much how I have felt about sudden widowhood. The world appearing shifted on it's axis, completely looks different, feels different, sounds different. Although a world like this can look cold and hostile there is a curiosity to discover what is out there in that crisp, fresh, untouched snow. This fairy is hesitant to face this unfamiliar territory but she gathers up her dress and takes that first tentative step into a new world.

'A Different World', along with many other of my recent paintings, has helped me on my journey forwards through a life I did not want or plan for but will embrace regardless. It is taking so much of me to face it but who knows what beauty lies out there in the next chapter not yet written....


Giclee fine art print with mount, each one individually signed and numbered.  Meaasures 10"x10",(13"x13" inc mount).

A Different World Ltd Edition Print


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