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Is there anything that says summer like vibrant red poppies swaying in shiny golden wheat fields? There is magic to be found here if you look closely enough. In this painting a fairy in a silky scarlet dress sits on an ear of wheat intently listening to a poppy flower. I wonder what is being said? The next time you see a summer breeze blowing through a field of wheat, stop and listen closely to the sound. The whispers of the wheat fields hold many secrets, flowers can talk but it’s usually only the fairies who really listen. I was given the idea of doing a poppy fairy painting by a lovely lady on my Facebook page and I am delighted to say she has given this painting a home.

High quality Blank Greeting Card (US$2.63 / £2 / C$3.52)

High quality Blank Signed Greeting Card (US$6.6 / £5 / C$8.8)

A Listening Ear- Greeting Card


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