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My latest painting, 'All That Glitters'


It is widely believed that magpies have a compulsive urge to steal sparkly things for their nests.....but where does this myth come from? In reality magpies are actually quite wary of new shiny things which has led me to wonder if they might unfairly be taking the blame for stealing when there might be some other winged creatures with a curious and mischievous eye ....


These fairies were unable to resist the jewels that glinted in the sun as they flew past an open window. Under the watchful protective eye of the magpies the fairies revel in the hoard of treasure they have stolen. They can't believe their luck! Take this as a warning....put your precious jewellery away safely, you never know who is watching!


20" x 20" acrylic on deep edge canvas. Painted edges so painting can be hung framed or unframed


'All That Glitters'

Acrylic on canvas

Height 20"

Width 20"

Depth 1.5" 

All That Glitters original fairy painting

  • Additional shipping fee will apply if sending overseas.  I will find the best quote from couriers for this, please enquire for a quote.  The shipping fee will need to be paid before painting can be sent

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