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'Shade Seekers II'

The heat on a hot summer's day can be hard to bear, even being by the sea provides little relief when there's no sea breeze to cool the intensity of the sun. The only thing for it is to find a cool sheltered spot. This open window of a coastal cottage is a welcome shady retreat. As they went patiently for the direction of the sun to change the fairy uses a daisy as a parasol to help make her butterfly friend more comfortable

This is an original acrylic painting on a sheet of cotton canvas. The window painting measures 29cm x 29cm, with painted mount 50cm x 50cm. Complete with frame 52cm x 52cm

The mount has been handpainted with ladybird and walls and sill of the window. All framed in a white wooden box frame ready to hang.


Height 52cm

Width 52cm

Depth 6cm

Shade Seekers II original framed paintings


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