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'Earth Angels'

Where would we be without the kind souls who are Earth Angels? Earth angels are by definition, highly sensitive, empathic, and love to give to others. They feel excited and on purpose when being of service.

Just like the fairy in this painting....caught in a heavy downpour and unable to fly...I too have found myself caught in storms. Storms of pain, hopelessness and sadness, feeling weak, unable to fly. I am so grateful to the beautiful souls in my life who stood by my side and patiently held my wings up so they could dry, giving me the strength to fly again. This painting is dedicated to all the beautiful Earth Angels holding up wings....thank you

This Giclee fine art print measures 42cm x 33cm including mount.

Each Print is personally signed and numbered.

Each Print is supplied mounted and cellophane wrapped

Earth Angels Ltd Edition Print


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