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Brambles....trailing, tangled, thorny stems bearing five-petalled flowers, with prickly and toothed green leaves...home of the wild blackberry. Blackberry picking is a centuries old pastime in Britain and Ireland, the fruit collected to make crumbles, wines, jams and jellies....if they manage to make it home at all that is!

Have you ever wondered why the ripest juiciest blackberries seems to be so elusive though? Amongst the bounty of berries in this painting two little winged creatures are busy in their task, foraging for the best ones. The risk of being seen is ever present, as soon as they hear footsteps approach they swiftly disappear without a trace. If you're lucky they might just have left you some!


Giclee fine art print with mount, each one individually signed and numbered.  Measures 10"x10", (13"x13" inc mount).

Fruitful Foragers Ltd Edition Print


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