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Lighting The Lanterns

Physalis, or better known as Chinese lantern plant, is so very beautiful and unusual to me. The proud lanterns in golden shades of orange bring colour and light to autumn. The lantern protects and envelops the berry within and symbolises safety, comfort and protection. As the wind picks up and the sky darkens this fairy prepares for a stormy night ahead, determinedly lighting the lanterns to help guide fairies and wildlife home as they battle through the inclement weather. I imagine there would be nothing more comforting than that gentle warm glow from the lanterns 🧡

16"x16" acrylic on canvas, 1.5"deep.. Painting has painted edges so it can be hung framed or unframed

Painting g has been varnished to protect it from sun damage and air bourne pollutants

Lighting The Lanterns original acrylic painting


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