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Wild violet, an unassuming wildflower that can grow abundantly if undisturbed and usually the perfect hiding spot for fairies. This fairy and her young child have been spotted though! Fairies are naturally shy and mistrustful of human folk, with good reason being so tiny and vulnerable. The young mother peeps shyly out from behind a violet flower holding her child to her with a protective hand. She is wary, unsure if the onlooker is friend or foe but the little fairy, hugging her mother’s leg for reassurance, is clearly delighted to make a new friend.

I so loved painting this one, it reminded me of the times my young daughters used to cling to my legs when they were shy and a little unsure of people they didn’t know…. 🙂


These prints are 10″ x 10″ (13″ x 13″ mounted) ready to frame.

Giclee Limited Edition Signed & Numbered Print with high quality mount (US$66 / £50 / C$88)

Shy Violet- LTD Signed Print


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