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The Fading'

The hydrangea flower. It fades from glorious hues of pink and blue at the height of summer to tones of subdued sepia in the winter months but it doesn't mean there is no fight left in this beautiful plant. Far from it. There is so much strength, despite the colour fading away. The old flowers over winter provide protection to developing buds during a cold snap so it can come back stronger and even more beautiful the following year.


At points in our life we may experience similar....I know I certainly have. The colour faded from my life for many months as I faced the longest, darkest, coldest winter I had ever known. You don't know how but you find a strength within that you didn't know you had and you come back stronger than you ever were before. If the colour is fading from your life...stand strong in your winter...your summer will return


This painting has been lovingly painted in acrylic on stretched deep edge canvas. The painting continues around the edges so the canvas can be hung unframed if desired.  The painting measures 16"x16"

'The Fading' original acrylic painting SOLD


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