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The gloaming, that magical time of day after the sun sets and before darkness totally falls. A time of peace and tranquility deep in the woodland when the fairies sleep. It’s almost impossible to find sleeping fairies, they tuck themselves deeply into flowers and foliage where they will be safe and undisturbed. In a woodland, the bed of choice is Lily of the Valley.

The Lily of the Valley is an ancient-woodland-indicator plant. If you spot it while you’re out exploring, it could be a sign you’re standing in a rare and special habitat, so special in fact that amongst the lush leaves you may well find a fairy in slumber. As darkness begins to fall at gloaming, you may notice a soft glimmering amongst this carpet of fragrant plants. This is because each plant with a fairy curled up within it’s leaves has a bell shaped flower on it’s stem softly aglow, making the perfect lamp for a fairy as she prepares for bed. As gloaming turns to nightfall the glimmering of soft lamp lights gradually dim and fade, easing the fairies into a peaceful sleep.


These prints are 10″ x 10″ (13″ x 13″ mounted) ready to frame.

Giclee Limited Edition Signed & Numbered Print with high quality mount (US$66 / £50 / C$88)

The Gloaming- LTD Signed Print


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