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Walking through an Autumn woodland it is not unusual to see falling leaves waltzing their way gently down to the ground. Twisting and twirling they make a stunning performance before they reach the earth below. In this painting the air is heavy with a cool, damp mist and raindrops hang from silken spider thread that drapes over toadstools like bejeweled garlands. Emerging through the mist the leaves make their way gracefully to the ground and it seems they have very special dance partners. Autumn fairies blend so beautifully into their surroundings they are very rarely noticed, the sparkle of fairy wings perhaps the only clue that it's not only leaves that are dancing. The fairies float with grace to their final resting place amongst the carpet of leaves. A poignant last dance as the season changes and autumn makes way for winter.


Giclee fine art print, individually numbered and signed with mount. Measures 10"x10",(13"x13" inc mount).

The Last Dance -LTD Signed Print


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