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Nestled in a fairy hammock which has been thoughtfully strung between branches bearing shiny rosehips, a little fairy is awakened from her sleep by a visitor bearing an important message. The fairy leans forward and listens intently as the robin sings out his announcement in dulcet tones. If only we could also understand those notes that drift away into the misty woodland.....

This painting was inspired by the robins who seem to be constant companions on my morning walks at the moment, flitting from tree to tree telling me something important and I based it on a photo a friend of mine took of a fairy hammock covered in dew on the same day I had taken my fairy hammock pictures. She kindly gave me permission to use the photo so I could try and capture this magical winter morning.


Giclee fine art print, individually numbered and signed with mount.  Measures 10"x10",(13"x13" inc mount)

The Messenger - LTD Signed Print


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