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The Wisteria vine is well known for its groups of violet blooms which cascade downward like a beautiful waterfall. The fragrant blooms and seeds of the Wisteria are known to attract many winged creatures....butterflies, insects and if you're lucky, fairies. The secrets of the Wisteria should remain undisturbed, don't expect a warm welcome if you hear whispers in the blooms and take a peek, fairies are shy and won't be happy at the intrusion!

This is a large painting at 24"x24". Tricky to photograph so I have added some close up pictures of the fairies...I just love painting their little grumpy, sulky faces 😁

This print is 10″ x 10″ (13″ x 13″ mounted) ready to frame.

Giclee Limited Edition Signed & Numbered Print with high quality mount (US$66 / £50 / C$88)

Wisteria Whispers- LTD Signed Print


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